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And now where does BIOIMPACT go?

Since its creation in August 2020, BIOIMPACT has not stopped investing to develop and improve its offer every day.

organic detergents ecocert toilet product fabric softener multi-surface softener detergent floor tile cleaner parquet flooring vinyl maintenance washing

Today we continue our adventure by diversifying our products to eventually offer a complete range of household products and accessories Made in France , respectful of the environment and whenever possible certified (ECOCERT, ECOLABEL, etc.)

Our organic and Made in France product projects are:

- Organic powder or liquid detergent
- Softener
- Multi-surface detergents
- Ecological sponges
- Organic cotton rags…

We are counting on you to tell us in the messages below what you would like to find at BIOIMPACT or improve etc…

Thank you for your help and support for 2 years now!


  • Bonjour,
    Bioimpact pourrait innover dans la lessive bio liquide suivie de détergents multi-surfaces. Encouragements dans vos projets !

  • Bonjour.
    mes préférences dans l’ordre seraient: la lessive liquide, l’assouplissant et détergents


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