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How do I clean my screen?

Our screens are a breeding ground for bacteria , germs and virus ... They must be cleaned regularly, taking certain precautions.
A screen is fragile and it will be necessary to be careful for the to clean without damaging it. It is important to read what the manufacturer recommends as maintenance .

How to Clean a Computer, Phone or TV Screen?

  1. Switch off - Turn off your TV screen , of telephone or your laptop . With the screen off, you can see the dirt better. Let it cool, a cold screen allows better efficiency of the product for a result streak-free and shiny , by respecting these few recommendations, the efficiency will be optimal.
  2. Dust - Gently pick up the dust with a soft cloth, ideally organic cotton.
  3. Soak the cloth - Drop it product on a organic cotton cloth or microfiber use a screen cleaner Bioimpact in disinfectant or detergent sprays to obtain an impeccable screen.
    IMPORTANT : Do not spray the product directly on the screen . You can also use disinfectant wipes . We advise against it, wipes are often difficult to degrade and leave traces because you do not pass a cloth then dry.
  4. Rub lightly - Rub slowly and gently, do not scratch and do not rub too hard so as not to damage the screen . For very dirty screens in places in contact with the public or rarely cleaned it will sometimes be necessary to carry out several applications of product.
  5. Wipe the surface - To finish wipe the screen with a clean cloth and dry to remove all traces of moisture and shine your screen.
1- Switch off  2- Dust  3- Soak the cloth  4&5- Rub lightly and wipe the surface.
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Good practices

You can also use Cleaning kits including brushes etc. to reach hard-to-reach areas, corners or gaps between keyboard keys.
Do not use cloths that could scratch your Led, Oled, LCD or Plasma screens. Do not use unsuitable cleaning products.

Respect the contact times to obtain the desired result, especially when it comes to antivirus , of bactericidal or of fungicide .

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Small +

The disinfectants screens virucidal can be used on keyboards and the surrounding surfaces, it is necessary to be attentive to the contact time often much longer than one imagines.

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