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Natural Certified Organic Tv Computer and Glasses Screen Cleaner by ECOCERT - bioimpact.shop

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TV SCREEN CLEANER - Spray for cleaning TV screen, PC cleaning, also suitable as a cleaner for mobile phones, tablets, smartphones, laptops, compatible with ipad, iphone, imac, macbook and also keyboard and cleaning glasses. BIOIMPACT GREEN responds to our customers' demand for an effective, high quality maintenance product in a large bottle for large screens such as TFT, LED, OLED, plasma, retina.
STREAMLESS AND SHINES – Our TV and smartphone PC screen cleaner is a real screen cleaner suitable for cleaning TV screen and computer keyboard cleaner; BIOIMPACT GREEN is a PC cleaning spray. It is essential for the gentle care of tablets, telephones and computers and also as a cleaning spray for glasses. It does not contain bleaching agents, it is a real cosmetic care for all your screens.
MORE THAN 2600 SPRAYS - Our screen product is practical, its 500ml bottle is suitable for use in the office or at home, perfect for cleaning your large TV screens, cleaning laptops and cleaning mobile phones - BIOIMPACT GREEN is more ecological than a screen cleaning wipe if applied with a microfiber or a soft reusable cloth. It is suitable as a pc screen cleaner, phone cleaner, smartphone cleaner.
ECOCERT CERTIFICATION | 99% NATURAL PRODUCTS Bottles and packaging have also been carefully selected to be recyclable and using non-polluting inks; BIOIMPACT GREEN is an Eco-detergent in which 99% of the ingredients are of natural origin, certified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE according to the Ecocert reference system. For TV screen cleaning, computer screen cleaning, eyeglass cleaning, ecological and organic telephone cleaning..
MADE IN FRANCE - Our tv cleaner spray, computer cleaner is MADE IN FRANCE our suppliers are controlled by ECOCERT and use as many natural products as possible ADAPTED COMPANY Our conditioner is a solidarity and civic company with social added value: the creation of jobs for workers disabled, and assistance to the social partners in the context of vocational guidance. It employs at least 80% disabled employees.pés.

BIOIMPACT GREEN meets the requirements of the standard for certified eco-detergents by ECOCERT GREENLIFE available on http://detergents.ecocert.com

  • Based on ingredients from by-products of French agriculture.
  • Compliant with Ecocert specifications.
  • 99% of the ingredients are of natural origin.
  • From easily biodegradable substances.
  • Without pictogram or hazard statement.
  • Preservative free. Without allergen. Without colouring.
  • Mild for screens, without Virucidal or Biocidal action.
  • 100% recyclable packaging.
  • Over 2600 sprays per 500ml bottle.
  • French made.

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DELIVERYAVAILABLE in Metropolitan France, Monaco, Belgium.