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anti pipi chat chien destructeur d odeurs desodorisant naturel litiere tapis textile moquette enzymatique spray non repulsif
destructeur d odeurs anti pipi chat chien naturel litiere canapé moquette enzymatique spray non repulsif fabriqué en France
anti pipi animaux domestiques destructeur d odeurs desodorisant naturel litiere panier enzymatique spray non repulsif
destructeur d odeurs écologique anti pipi chat litière niche canapé literie spray enzymatique non repulsif fabriqué en France
destructeur d odeurs naturel parfum écologique anti pipi moquette litière niche canapé lit spray enzymatique non repulsif
 destructeur d odeurs écologique odeur couvrante anti pipi chien canapé moquette litière niche lit parfum frais non repulsif
Bioimpact spray destructeur d odeurs anti urine animaux domestiques chat chien made in France tous supports parfum agréable

NATURAL odor destroyer for cat, dog and pet urine - bioimpact.shop

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ENJOY LOVE of your pets without the inconvenience, BIOIMPACT ODOR DESTROYER multi-surface is a powerful and persistent enzymatic spray which instead of simply hiding theodors, eliminates them durably leavinga fresh and pleasant scent, NON REPELLENT it is designed to be accepted and appreciated by your pets.e.
 CLEANSER AND FRAGRANT - Our Pet Stain & Odor Remover will tackle pet urine, feces, vomit and pee, it will get rid of stains and foul odors for a long time. It's more than a room freshener because the enzymes destroy odors rather than mask them. It acts effectively and durably on the territorial pheromones secreted by cats.
MULTI-SURFACE - Our enzymatic cleaner can clean everything: litter boxes, textiles, rugs, carpets, floors, parquet floors, sofas, tiles, mattresses, pillows, kennels, baskets, kennels, and more. It is as much an interior cleaner as an exterior one, it will be suitable for the surroundings of houses, terraces, courtyards and also for carpets and car seats.
 SUITABLE FOR THE ANIMAL ENVIRONMENT - Our product is an odor destroyer for pets like cats, dogs, puppies, rabbits, ferrets, rats, guinea pigs and rodents. VERY EASY APPLICATION: Spray on the surfaces to be treated from a distance of 10-15 cm.Use a mop For rub and wipesurfaces.Reintroduce animals after drying only. Do not use on animals.
MADE IN FRANCE & ECO-RESPONSIBLE - Designed and manufactured in France using enzymes, our odor and urine destroying cleaner will leave behind a pleasant eucalyptus mint scent while respecting the environment. All ingredients are biodegradable according to the OECD 301 standard and 93% plant-based, the bottle is recyclable.

+ than 550 sprays
93% of the total ingredients are of vegetable and mineral origin.
French design and manufacture.

Instructions and safety here

FREE DELIVERY in mainland France, Monaco, Belgium.