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Everything you need to know about BIOIMPACT odor destroyer enzymes to eliminate odors in your pets

Enzymes are catalytic proteins that speed up chemical reactions in our body. They are used in many biochemical processes, such as food digestion, protein synthesis and energy production.

Bioimpact Anti Odor Enzyme Multi-Surface Pet Odor Destroyer

Enzymes are very specific molecules and only catalyze one chemical reaction. They bind to a molecule called a substrate and change its structure to enable the chemical reaction. Enzymes are regenerated after each reaction and can be reused multiple times.

In the case of odor destroyers BIO IMPACT, enzymes are used to break down odor-causing molecules. Enzymes hydrolyze the chemical bonds of odorous molecules and transform them into non-odorous components. These non-odorous components are then evaporated or absorbed by the surface to which the odor destroyer has been applied.

anti odor dogs carpet sofa carpet anti pee cat rabbit

It is important to note that each enzyme has an optimal temperature and pH to work effectively. The odor destroyer BIO IMPACT uses specific enzymes to eliminate cat urine odors, dog odors and other unpleasant odors. These enzymes are optimized to work at specific temperatures and pHs, which guarantees their effectiveness.

In addition, enzymes are non-toxic components. They are biodegradable and leave no toxic or harmful residue for the environment. This makes the odor destroyer BIO IMPACT safe to use around your pets and in your home.

In conclusion, Enzymes are catalytic proteins that speed up chemical reactions in our body. In BIOIMPACT Odor Destroyer, enzymes are used to break down odor-causing molecules and make them non-odorous. The enzymes are non-toxic and biodegradable, making the odor destroyer BIO IMPACT safe to use on all surfaces in your home, your pets won't be bothered by the smell as there is no repellent effect.

 Everything You Need To Know About Destroyer Enzymes BIOIMPACT Odor Destroyer, eliminates biologically And sustainably bad smells from your pets on all media.
anti pee cat or dog 93% natural and Made in France

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