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Eliminate cat or dog odors

Our pets take up more and more space in our lives and our interiors, our dogs spend most of their time in their basket and our cats on sofas. It is therefore not surprising that textiles smell bad. A dirty environment is a bacteria nest and fungi, this can cause at least irritation or even illness, so it is important to clean and deodorize textiles and surfaces.


How to get rid of cat or dog urine odors ?

If your animal servant lives in apartment or in House, it is often difficult to get rid of lingering odors. They are present in litter boxes, on rugs, carpets, bedding and sofas.

Daily maintenance

It is important to maintain daily the litters by changing the granulate and removing the agglomerated droppings using a special shovel. Prefer a clumping litter Organic or natural.

desodoriant litiere chat chien lapin rongeur nature et fabriqué en France

It is essential to clean the litter box using detergents or soapy water, you can then deodorize preferably with the odor destroyer BIO IMPACT specially designed to be accepted by your cat, dog, rabbit whose enzymes will take care of removing the smell of pee etc.

desodorisant tissu enzymes naturel destructeur d odeur naturel animaux de compagnie

The fabrics present in the kennels, carpets, baskets of the dogs will be effectively deodorized by a suitable odor destroyer. Between two deep cleanings by machine or by hand using a detergent that is at least hypoallergenic and preferably ingredient-based natural and organic.

On the textile surfaces and floorss, the use of BIOIMPACT odor destroyer suitable for every day, it will however require a regular cleaning floors and surfaces using organic and natural household products that will not pollute your pet's environment.

Comment nettoyer la litière de mon chat ou de mon rongeur

How to clean my cat or rodent's litter box

  1. Preparation - Keep nearby a container equipped with a garbage bag to receive the used litter, provide gloves, a mask, a small shovel or a special rake, the new litter and a BIOIMPACT odor destroying detergent.
  2. Environment - Clean regularly droppings outside the checkout before starting the litter cleaning. You can clean floors, textiles, sofas with the Bioimpact Odor Destroyer.
  3. Remove feces - Use the shovel for the surface droppings first, then the clumped pieces of litter, put everything in the bag. Tip: It is best to perform this operation 2 times per day between litter changes.
  4. Remove used litter - put it in the bag, taking care not to put it next to it, any litter odor outside of your pet's crate could lead him to think he can relieve himself there.
  5. Cleaning - Thoroughly clean the box using soapy water and then BIOIMPACT odor destroyer.
  6. Replacement - Once the crate is dry, you can now put the new litter. The ideal is to fill the litter between half and three quarters so that the height is sufficient but not too much either to avoid dispersion outside the crate, on the contrary if you put too little, your companion may not use it.

A good education

The education of your cat or your dog is an important aspect which will be even easier to put in place if the litter boxes, kennels and mats are clean and smell good. If unfortunately your cat or your dog came to urine in the house, clean and deodorize quickly the soiled surface so that the smell does not permeate the rest of your interior. For your animal to feel good, its environment must be pleasant. To prevent it from starting again at the same place, there are repellents which are more or less efficient.

Good practices

Products containing ammonia or bleach should be avoided which, together with thecat urine, reacts badly.
Regular airing of the rooms is advisable or better the use of a ventilation permanent, fortunately more and more frequent in housing.

Good to know

There are also robot litters or self-cleaning litter boxes that sift clumps and waste out of the litter box and flush the waste into a drawer for easy disposal.


  BIOIMPACT Odor Destroyer, eliminates biologically And sustainably bad animal odors.
anti pipi chat ou chien 93% naturel et Made in France

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